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it solutions We will figure out the IT solutions, so your team can focus on core business functions.

IT consultants

At Danory Technology Partners, our goal is to provide small businesses with new technology and IT solutions that can help them get ahead in their industries. Our IT consultants will take the time to get to know your business before making any recommendations related to your business' IT.

Our risk audits provide an unbiased perspective on your business' IT operations.

Fraser Valley IT Auditing Services

Our risk audit and security services are designed to assess the overall security of your business, as well as to uncover any potential problems. Once the audit has been completed, our team of IT professionals can provide you with solutions for improving your IT operations.

Increase automation and refine your workflow with our operations consulting service.

Operations Consultants in the Lower Mainland

Danory Technology Partners provides small businesses throughout the Lower Mainland with software that is optimized to help them in the future. All of our operations consulting services are designed to help small businesses improve their overall efficiency.

Let us help you manage your website.

Website Management Services for Small Businesses

If you are worried about your website being hacked or about having to update the content on your website by yourself, we can help. Our website management services come with website backups, so you can rest easy knowing that your website is safe.

Eliminate the need for purchasing, setting up, and maintaining hardware with our cloud design services.

Cloud Design in the Lower Mainland

Cloud design solutions from Danory Technology Partners allow small businesses to provide their team with the flexibility of working from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Understand the reach and effectiveness of your digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Audit

Make sure that your business is getting the most out of marketing online with our digital marketing audit services. Our team can help you assess the effectiveness of the work being done by your digital marketing company and provide you with recommendations on how to move forward.

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