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Managed CRM

If you have one, your Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) is the most valuable tool in your business. It provides customer records, basic accounting and live data to help inform your business decisions. Too often these become outdated as business practices, product lines, and staff change or, worse, they are maliciously breached. We are here to stop this trend and protect your software and data investment.
Protecting your software and data investment.
Managed CRM includes...
  1. An initial audit of your CRM or database needs.
  2. A report of all of the data you collect or store that is personally identifiable information (PID) for legal records.
  3. Documentation of all fields and triggers used for future development.
  4. Offsite backup and development servers for testing updates and upgrades.
  5. Security penetration testing to ensure eliminate risks of breaches.
  6. Quarterly consulting and training sessions to ensure your staff and systems are best equipped to work together.
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