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Automate the work not the relationship.

Marketing Portal

Danory is proud to provide a world-class marketing and automation portal for their customers, so that they can take real control and supervision over their digital marketing efforts and maximize the time they spend building relationships with their customers. We don’t even charge for this.
Spend more time building customer relationships.
Our marketing portal is our client portal. The modules that can be installed include...
  1. Social Marketing – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.
  2. Reputation Management – All your reviews, all your responses and all the growth potential.
  3. Listing Builder – Make your assistant’s day and give them the tool that can post your business information at 50+ websites at once.
  4. Customer Voice – Get surveys delivered right to your customer’s phone (with permission of course!)
  5. SEO Walkthrough and Optimizer – Learn how to optimize your website on your own website!
  6. Weekly Executive Reports – Our advanced analytics platform will make clarity out of Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Ads.
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