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The State of Instagram: Story overtakes Aesthetic

Social Media | October 22, 2020 | Kendra Kay

As a social media consultant, I have spent many conversations with clients explaining the importance of a feed’s appearance in using Instagram as a business tool. With that comes the need to invest in aesthetic flow to ensure thriving engagement rates.

I think this is still the ideology that many people carry regarding social media platforms. While it is crucial to have visually appealing posts, recent shifts in Instagram practices validate that many users are searching for something of greater substance than just “pretty” photos in their daily scrolling. This begs to ask the question, “so then what are people looking for when visiting an Instagram page?” We have identified 3 key things to leverage when using Instagram as a business tool.

1. Tell some kind of story

When I open Instagram, sure, a nice-looking picture of coffee is going to catch my attention. However, the key is to move that notice to the caption. Here, you want to convey the significance behind the beautifully captured image. For example, if you want to boost your engagement, stray from captions such as “Morning coffee to get me through the day.”

What presently captures likes and comments is accompanying an image with a plot. For example, write a narrative about how you landed on your current coffee order, or a piece about a special barista who has memorized your go-to drink and shared a little about themselves (with their permission of course). I have found sharing personal testimonies to be a key growth point across all channels. Develop the story of someone special and let the rest of the world know why their history is so important. Instagram has become less about just scrolling for looks and more about sharing a story of significance or interest.

2. Share something unique and entertaining

Being bold and different has become a relatively recent trend across Instagram. From sharing personal struggles, to introducing comedic sketches, Instagram engagement currently relies on the originality of creators. Present movements provide the opportunity to have a little more fun with your posts. For example, a sleep apnea clinic could share images of Darth Vader wearing their CPAP mask (a device that helps individuals breathe better while sleeping). We all know the iconic deep breaths of Darth Vader, so what better way to communicate the demand for their devices than by showing a well-known movie character with similar needs. This distinctive type of post will bring together two different worlds while simultaneously providing a laugh for their followers.

3. Be transparent & authentic

Influencers have really hit the ground running with the idea of being more “real” and “raw” on social media platforms. Users want to be able to resonate with the content and see that influencers and businesses are sharing similar personal concerns. This can include sharing images without filters and edits to showcase struggles with acne or scars.  Or from a business perspective, writing a thank-you letter to loyal customers as Covid-19 has really hurt business operations. The crucial part to this is to provide users the opportunity to step into your shoes. Allow them to view the behind the scenes, and not so pretty parts of your life or business. We are all human and all have struggles. This is why posts like this do so well as you have the chance to be relatable and help your viewers feel more comfortable with your brand.

Recapping on these three points, I want to reiterate that the beautiful images are still important to the success of Instagram as a business tool. However, with the changing ideas about what should be presented on a personal or professional front, you are granted the opportunity to creatively work outside the restraints of nice-looking images. Share the goofy photo, write about the sad day you had, or recap the past of your mysterious neighbour. But, most importantly, allow people a greater glimpse inside who you/your business may be.

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